Insole VS Shoe

Ever wondered if you should be purchasing an insole in addition to your running or walking shoes?

Let's start with the role of the shoe, what is it's purpose?  Well, on the most basic level it's designed to protect and/or aid your body.  Shoes offer cushioning to help reduce impact on the body and offer structure for durability, or to provide an even wear.  This means that the shoe isn't influencing the way your foot moves.  In a lot of cases the foot has too much mobility, this extra movement can add a lot of stress to your body, most notably the knees, hips and back.  Enter insole!

Insoles are a device that are designed to restore proper foot function.  Insoles will directly influence the motion of your foot helping to redirect any extraneous motion into forward motion. Using a structured insole like Superfeet can help to guide the foot in the most efficient manner possible, this in turn will help reduce stress on the body.  Remember if an insole is too soft or generically molded to the foot it won't be able to resist the body's weight and thus won't be able to influence the motion of the foot.  This pretty much makes it ineffective.

When choosing an insole it's always best to have guidance.  Here at Fleet Feet Sports we can make insole recommendations based on the type of shoe being used, arch shape and the activity being done.  If you are unable to have someone help you choose the correct insole remember it needs to have structure!  

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