Personal Rewards Program

With the Fleet Feet Sports Personal Rewards Program, we want to thank each of our customers for their loyalty with an awesome reward. Each time you accumulate $150.00 in merchandise purchases, you will receive a $15.00 gift certificate by e-mail to use within ninety days on anything at Fleet Feet Sports Stamford. 

There isn’t a sign-up fee. There isn’t a time limit to accrue points. It is a simple program and free to everyone. The best part of the program is that all your entire family's purchases can go on one account. You can sign-up for the Fleet Feet Sports Personal Rewards Program at the store at any time.

We promise that our database will neither be sold nor shared with any third-party entity. Stop by the store today!

Terms and Conditions:

  • PR Vouchers from Fleet Feet Sports Stamford are only redeemable on future in-store purchases at Fleet Feet Sports Stamford
  • PR Vouchers from other Fleet Feet Sports stores are not redeemable at Fleet Feet Sports Stamford.
  • PR Vouchers do not earn points toward other PR credits.
  • PR Vouchers are not redeemable for cash and change is not given at redemption.
  • PR Voucher total will be reduced by any merchandise either returned or refunded to the store.
  • PR Vouchers will expire 90 days after the issue date.
  • The balance of a PR Voucher used for a purchase of less than $15 does not transfer or ‘roll over.’
  • Purchases made with Promotional Gift Certificates are not eligible for accrual of PR Points.
  • Purchases of a Gift Card are not eligible toward PR Points.
  • Purchases made with a Gift Card are eligible for accrual of PR Points.
  • State sales tax applies to all purchases, including PR redemption purchases.
  • One name per PR account. The PR Program is reserved for individuals and same-household families.
  • Organizations, corporations, and non-for-profits are not eligible for membership in the PR Program.
  • State sales tax amount does not apply toward PR points.
  • Service items such as equipment rental, training programs, or races do not earn PR Points

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