We Don't Need A Treadmill To Analyze Your Gait

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Brannock (bran-uk) noun. A device used to measure feet. Developed in 1926 and still used here at Fleet Feet Scottsdale today. We don’t need a treadmill or a pressure pad to give you a gait analysis or to tell you what type of shoe you should be placed in.  By looking at your bare feet, measuring your arch elongation and degree of flexibility with the Brannock device, and using our eyes to watch you walk/run, the staff here at Fleet Feet is fully competent in giving you your most personalized fit yet.

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Our staff starts with at least thirty hours of training before they are even allowed to touch your feet. At Fleet Feet Scottsdale, we each come from a healthcare background, with knowledge of the anatomy of your feet as well as a partnership with trusted local podiatrists and physical therapists. Our healthcare partners also participate in continually educating us regarding issues related to walking, running and exercising. We are trained to give each customer the same fit experience, regardless of age, size, or level of activity. Don’t be surprised if we give you a nice calf massage before we begin, thanks to Addaday!  So come in today to get your most personalized, rewarding, and memorable fit/gait analysis yet! 

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