The Absolute Best Shoe Revealed!

We hear it constantly, “what’s the best shoe?”


The truth is that there’s no one best shoe because the best shoe is the shoe that fits YOU best.


I’ll explain. We recently had a wonderful customer named “Dave.” Dave came in complaining that the expensive shoe that he recently bought at another store was causing him pain and blistering every time he wore it. His perception was that paying top dollar for the shoes made it the “best” shoe. One look at his bare feet and we knew that he was in a very good shoe but it was not the best shoe for his foot. The reason was as simple as this; his foot was quite rectangular in shape and the expensive shoe was shaped more like the number eight. The area in the arch pinched in and was simply not accommodating enough for the wide area of his foot. So while the expensive shoe had the plush cushioning he liked and the right amount of stability, it was just the wrong shape for him. We put him into the correct shape and he immediately knew that he was now in the BEST shoe. He walked out happy and has since returned with a friend so that we could check her feet to make sure she was in the BEST shoe too.

Happy Feet!

-Linda and Team Scottsdale

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