Race Advice From The Other Side of The Finish Line

Advice from the other side

Fleet Feet runners at Run for Ryan House



Much like Adele, we’d like to say “hello” and offer you some race advice from the other side. Even if you’ve completed a couple of races, you might find some advice here that resonates with you.


Completing the race is not as hard as it seems it would be

“What I thought I needed to do training-wise and what I actually did ended up not mattering. I finished anyway. What really mattered was just to run…not so much about pace. So don’t feel bad if you didn’t hit all those training goals. Don’t be intimidated by the training programs. It’s supposed to be fun too.”


Chafe stick is really important and…

“Okay, to be honest, I made some mistakes that wound up with me blistering and chaffing. I had been careful to use glide between my toes-and other places- but I hadn’t thought about the seams on my clothing. It’s all kind of a blur but I pretty much cried in the shower because the water hurt my sore spots. Use glide liberally but also pay attention to those seams.”


Block out every person who passes you

“It’s all fun and games until Grandma passes you! When I first started racing, every time an older person passed me, I got so upset. I started to think about their race and not my own. I let it get inside my head for miles and I didn’t end up enjoying myself at all. Now I just accept that a lot of people will pass me. When I’m feeling good and running a confident stride, I do enjoy picking off people that look like they’re in my age group though.”


Don’t forget to celebrate the human spirit

“I wasn’t prepared to be so moved by the community feeling I had at the race. We were all there to support the charity and we came from all walks of life. It was a somber revelation but also a joyful revelation. That feeling carried over the miles when I was tired. Ultimately, I came away inspired and fired up to do the next race."

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